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Twitch TOS

We abide by Twitch TOS. Do be warned though, players CAN play music!

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We have been around for quite some time, actively developing and pushing updates weekly!

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Skill System

Many skills to improve, such as Woodcutting, Recoil, Farming, Cooking and many more. Every skill has real impact on your gameplay. Improving Crafting for example, unlocks more recipes!

Skill Guides

Criminal Activities

There are a lot of criminal activities ready to go. Every single store, all banks, bank trucks and more are robbable. There are also many opertunities to deal a lot of different drugs, which also have ingame effects if you take them yourself.

Criminal Guides

A lot of Jobs to choose from

There are many jobs to choose from, whether Whitelisted (Player ran) or public (Job Center), these jobs are fully fledged and will keep you busy!

Job Guides

What people are saying...


"I think the server is a lovely and sometimes chaotic romp with friends, to balance out the fast paced friend-time there's loads of activities to do to work on your character behind the scenes and to really develop your place on the server."


"Been playing on this server for a few weeks now, Admin and mods are very friendly and helpful. Server is updated frequently and events are done frequently, which add a great way for all players to meet and interact."